Working with Sellers

Selling your home can be complex. As a seasoned listing agent, I will help you with the entire home selling process from pricing and putting up a sign in your yard to giving the keys to the next homeowner. As your listing agent, it is my goal to help you get the best price for your home and sell it in the fastest possible timeframe.

Each home is unique and I treat every property with a distinctive marketing plan. That being said, here is an outline of what you can expect:

When evaluating your home, I first need to meet your home. I will tour your home with you so you can point out your home’s unique features. We will talk a bit about the process and make sure all your questions are answered.

I will prepare a market analysis on your property by reviewing the sales history of the area as well as the current market conditions. I will be sure to factor in your home’s special features and market condition when it is ready for the buying public.

I will come back for a second meeting where we will talk about the price of your home as well as the special marketing I have planned for your home. Although I employ a unique approach to each property, my plan will include:

  • Staging – For those homes that require some polish and furniture placement before hitting the market, I provide a staging plan which will help your home appeal to the widest range of buyers and will help identify areas of your home which may benefit from decluttering or paint touch up.
  • Professional photography – There is just no substitute when it comes to showing off your property’s best features to prospective buyers. 92% of buyers use online websites to search properties themselves and it is critical they be wowed by your home before they set foot through the front door.
  • Online Marketing – Once your listing is ready to go, I will syndicate it out on dozens of websites where buyers may be searching. As I said, 92% of buyers are searching online so this is a very important step. In addition, I will make a special website just for your property.
  • Print Marketing – My print marketing plan will consist of:
    House flyer which allows buyers to remember your home after they have left.
    Special feature cards which highlight your home’s best features.
    If market time allows, I will also send out a just listed card or letter to the neighborhood.
  • Broker’s Open – What is one of the best ways to get a home sold? By putting it at the forefront of an agent’s mind who represent potential buyers! This is why a brokers open, essentially an open house for real estate agents, is so important. The agents who tour also give me valuable feedback which can help us strategize.
  • Open House – As market time allows, an open house will also be a part of my approach. I even employ a commute time open house for homes on major commuting routes.Most sellers I work with value communication regarding how things are going and how the market is responding to the home. I will provide you with as much communication as you need in the format you prefer. Some of my communication highlights include:
  • Sharing Feedback – Each evening I will check your home’s viewing records in the keybox and reach out to the agents who showed it to get their feedback. I will pass this feedback along to you.
  • Open House Feedback – I will provide you with an open house report the day following the open house. This will include a traffic report, any interested parties, and any feedback I receive.
  • Ongoing Communication – Each Monday I will connect with you to review the previous week and to report in on the status of any interested parties. We can strategize from there.

When it comes time to review an offer, I usually ask the buyer’s agent if they would like the opportunity to present their client’s offer in person. While this is no longer a regular practice in the real estate industry, I find that meeting face to face with the agent representing the buyers, allows us the time we need to ask any and all questions we may have about their offer. I believe this face to face interaction is a valuable part of relationship building, and leads to many a successful negotiation.

Prior to you accepting any offer, I will call the buyer’s lender and ask pertinent questions about their processes. It’s important that you be provided with all available information, so you may discern the strength of the buyer, and the ability of the lender to be able to close on time. This is one more step in helping you to choose the right buyer for your home.

Between contract acceptance and closing, I will work diligently for you and make sure we dot all our “i”s and cross all our “t”s.