Working with Buyers

Although I have worked with many buyers over the years and have an approximate way of doing things, I have not yet worked with you and helped you find your next home, and isn’t that the most important part – how your process for buying a home will work? Every journey is different and I enjoy working with each buyer on a very individual level. I have outlined the basics of the journey below and I look forward to working with you when your destination changes:

  • Once you decide to make a move, I would like to set up a time to talk with you about your plans, no matter what stage of the planning process you are at. You could be a year away from moving, but the sooner I can tune into your needs, the better I can serve you. I will ask you about your wants and needs in a new home, what neighborhoods you are considering and a bit about your lifestyle. If you like to hike or bike and being close to trails is important, this is information that is helpful for me to know. Likewise, whether it’s exploring the different eateries in your neighborhood, or creating your own masterpieces in your ‘chef’s kitchen’, that also helps me understand your lifestyle. I want to know all your hopes and desires for your home. Once I learn a little more about your wants and needs, I will outline the process basics for you and educate you on the current market and what the offer process looks like, inspections, and closing. Even if you have bought a home before, things have likely changed a bit.
  • We will also chat about your lending requirements. If you will be getting a mortgage on your home, then the time to start planning for that is now. You need a solid lender who can get the job done. As the borrower, you will need to not only be pre-qualified, but pre-approved as well. When you are preparing yourself to buy in a sellers’ market, maybe with other buyers interested in the same home as you, it is extremely important to show the seller you are prepared. This will make your offer stronger and more attractive to the seller. Although this sounds intimidating, all this really means is you need to meet with a lender or two, fill out the application and communicate with them, giving them the information needed to pre-qualify you for a loan. If you haven’t met with a lender yet, I would be happy to connect you to some solid lenders I work with should you need a referral. My job is to set you up to be a winner right out of the gate!
  • Another part of being prepared is to connect you with inspectors long before you need an inspection. I have several who you can talk to and make a plan. It is helpful for the inspector to know how you want to be communicated with and your areas of concern when it comes to the property so he or she can point out things in the report that may be of particular concern to you, or recommend other inspections such as plumbing, electrical, structural engineering, or geotech. Additionally, since so much of Seattle’s sewer infrastructure has seen better days a sewer scope is also an inspection to consider. A sewer scope costs about $250 and can wind up saving thousands. In my opinion, this is $250 well-spent. Depending on the market you may need to move quickly once it is time for an inspection, so preparation is key.
  • I will set you up with a custom search which sends all listings that meet your requirements right to your inbox. We will work together and choose the ones to view. Once we have viewed properties together a few times, I can preview homes that come on the market, saving you time.
  • Finding the home is easy. Here is where I really get to work! We start by writing a strong offer that suits your needs but also meets the seller’s needs. Part of my strong offer strategy includes having that solid pre-approval letter from a reputable lender, and using the relationships I have built with agents in this community through the years. I will also do the market research and prepare a buyers’ market analysis of homes that have sold in the immediate neighborhood so you are confident that what you offer is a good market price. We will also review the contract in-depth so you are comfortable with the terms.
  • If something isn’t quite working for you along the way, please let me know! You are in the driver’s seat – my job is to navigate through the process and be your advocate.
  • Building a connection with the listing agent and the sellers is something I find is very helpful. In fact, I even had my buyers’ dog “write” a letter to the potential sellers to seal the deal. It worked! Whenever possible I will ask the listing agent if I may present your offer in person. This is one of your most important purchases, and certainly the most expensive, a very personal experience for both you and the sellers and such it should be treated with that personal touch.
  • Michelle, my transaction coordinator, and I will work together to make sure that all the details are covered between the contract and closing. Every day we make sure our bases are covered until the keys are yours!