Selling a Home with Pets

Cat_chairSelling a home can be tough on pets, tough on potential buyers, and tough for you if you are trying to keep your home in the pristine condition selling a home requires.

Not everyone feels the same affection towards dogs, cats, birds, snakes, fish and even hamsters and guinea pigs that you and I do. In fact, some are downright frightened of different animals and will not enter a home with resident creatures. Although suggesting this is one of the toughest parts of my job, finding a friend’s home where your less-needy pets can have some overnights while your property is listed would be a good plan.

If you have dogs, cats, and perhaps even some birds or ferrets who would suffer from severe separation anxiety if they were not in their element (or if you would be the sufferer) on a daily basis, then let’s work together to develop a plan that is a great fit for your whole family.

Here are some ideas for having your home listed when there are pets that must stay in the home:

  • If you have a garage or other separate room or area that would allow your pets to have a cozy spot, this might be a suitable solution. We can put a sign on the door letting potential buyers and agents touring there are animals in the space.
  • Laundry rooms may also be good spots for small dogs and kitties to hang out.
  • If you have a dog run, that might be a good option that also allows your dog to play outside.
  • We can also require an hour notice for all showings so if you want to dash home, tidy up, and take your dog or cat out of the home temporarily, this could be a solution if you work nearby.

Another option, especially if you have talkative dogs who like to woof, ask me about my contribution to doggie daycare or pet sitting during the first couple of weeks in the marketing of your home.